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Over one hundred Family Trusts created


Over one thousand Wills written


Twenty-five Years Estate Planning Experience


One million plus saved for clients

Planning ahead to protect your family’s future

Many of us find the thought of dying difficult and this can result in avoiding facing the reality of what happens to our hard-earned assets when we die or are no longer able to make decisions for ourselves.

Dying intestate – without a will – causes all sorts of problems for your loved ones and means you will have no say in who your estate is left to. Any assets will be distributed by the state according to intestacy law.

A will is the only way to designate how your assets will be distributed after your death. If you do not write a will, it is possible that your money or assets will not go to the people you want them to.

A well written Will can also legally minimise the amount of tax payable by your estate after your death.

A Will can also stipulate who you want to look after your children should you no longer be able to. If you do not write a will, it is possible the local authority will take them into care. This is until it is decided who should look after them permanently.

Divorce and second marriages are more common today than in the past. Extended families often require complex planning, and it is our job to understand your wishes and make suggestions that are relevant to your situation.

We aim to make legacy planning as stress-free as possible. To make it easier for you, we can meet you in your home at a time that is convenient for you.  Or in the current climate, if you prefer, we could ‘meet’ online.  We offer a courteous, professional, friendly, empathic service and tailor our advice to suit your individual needs and requirements. We work diligently to ensure your wishes are fully understood and implemented.

For many reasons, people often claim that having written a will gives them peace of mind in the knowledge that they have secured their loved ones’ as well as their own futures.

It is never too early to plan for what happens after your death, but it can be too late. 

If you are thinking of getting your Will written, Bluestone Wills are here to help you. 

Where we work

We have helped people like you throughout Cambridgeshire.  Recently people have been helped by our will writers in Newmarket, Maldon, Cambridge, and Chelmsford.



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